Our FRYAIR Touch and FRYAIR Classic models are both an alternative healthier way to Fry & Bake...use air instead of Oil! Cook, Bake, Fry, Grill...do it all in this portable Air Fryer!

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FryAir Touch - Benchtop Oven
FryAir Classic - Benchtop Oven
FryAir Touch
FryAir Classic

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The Original FryAir eliminates the need for any added oils or fats to quickly cook delicious meals and snacks. Simply set the timer and temperature and you are ready to go.

Add your professional Touch with this new airfryer from FryAir. Cooks everything from chicken and pizza, to cookies and cake! With several different preset functions and adjustable timer, temperature and fan controls, you can be your inner chef in seconds!

Prefer a Classic or shall we Touch it up a little?

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In 3 EASY steps you will enjoy the healthy new way to cook in minutes...


Place food, fresh or frozen into oven...


BING! Enjoy healthy meals in minutes!


Set the temperature and timer...

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What's in your FryAir Box?

1 x FryAir Classic OR Touch 
1 x Tongs 
1 x Baking Cage 
1 x High / Low Rack
1 x Rotisserie Set

What's in your FryAir Deluxe Box?

1 x Skewer Rack - 10 prong kebab wheel
1 x Sandwich Rack 
1 x 24cm Baking Tray 
1 x 24cm Steamer Tray



FRYAIR Turbo Air-Fryer uses a powerful combination of infrared heat, convection and conduction to cook your favourite foods without oil in minutes.

FRYAIR requires NO preheating and cooks quickly. FRYAIR is portable too, great on the kitchen benchtop or in the camper or boat.

ROAST, BAKE, STEAM or FRY in FRYAIR...you can cook anything from a roast chicken or french fries to a cake!

Cooking with FRYAIR seals in natural juices on the inside and leaves the outside crispy and browned.

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You can cook anything and everything in the FryAir but click here for a few ideas to get you started...

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